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Free Scottish Terriers Puppies For Sale

The Scottish Terrier, a small British terrier is basically a natural “digger” and is found as a decoration in Scotland on various objects, advertisements, textiles etc. High independence, obstinacy, absolute loyalty, confrontational attitude and reticence are some of the qualities that set this terrier apart.

These were bred to hunt pests that troubled farmers in the rough climates and rocky terrain of Scotland.


The three terriers, Cairn, Scottie and West Highland Terriers are look similar though the Scottie has a longer body and head and a darker colour.

Size: Height is between 10 and 15” and the weight should be 8-10 kg.

Colour: Dark gray, black, off-white to white, dark brown are some of the colours the Scottish Terrier is found in.

Coating: The Scottish Terrier is double-coated with a soft coat inside and long, tough, weatherproof coat outside.

Wide-set almond-shaped eyes, small, prick ears, a wide chest and skull, short tail and legs and a balanced gait are distinct features of the Scottish Terrier. The bone structure is well formed, muscular and powerful.

Litter size

3-5 free Scottish Terrier puppies are found in a litter.

Preferred Environment

This fearless watchdog is very comfortable in an apartment but needs daily exercise outdoors. A leash is necessary when walking them because they tend to chase the pests and rats.


A healthy diet which is high in vitamin content and low in carbohydrates should be fed to this canine. Vigorous exercise is necessary for Scottish Terriers.


The normal lifespan of the Scottish Terrier is 11-14 years.

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