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Free Siberian Huskies Puppies For Sale

This medium size working dog breed from Eastern Siberia, the Siberian Husky started as a sled dog but later on it became popular as a family-companion and also a show dog. This dog, from the Spitz family, is a descendant of the sled dog. They are also used for racing and by hikers for pulling a skier. They were brought to Alaska after being used by Siberians for centuries. The free Siberian Husky puppies especially have lots of energy. They are gentle, friendly, intelligent, a bit stubborn and get bored easily.

Appearance Size: The height is 20-24” and its weight ranges from 15-27 kg. Colour: They come in many colours and patterns - white, black and white, grey and white and copper red and white. White dots mark the tail, face and paws. Coating: The Siberian Husky is double-coated. A dense woolly undercoat and a soft upper coat that has straight and short hair on it makes the Siberian Husky weather resistant, enabling it to withstand the extreme temperatures during winters. Nose: The nose of the Siberian Husky is called a ‘snow nose’ which is basically nothing but a discolouration during winters. Eyes: Blue or brown or one eye blue and the other brown or partially blue and partially brown. They can occur in any of the above combinations. It has a furry, Prick ears which are triangular and a bushy and curved tail with a white tip which looks like that of a fox.

Litter Size 6-8 puppies constitute an average litter.

Diet They eat much lesser than expected and need very less food.

Preferred Environment Being very energetic, it needs regular exercise and its quality of endurance makes it ideal to pull sledges over the snow and for hunting in the poles. They are not very suited to live in apartments but training and exercise can make them comfortable. They live in packs.

Lifespan They live for 12-15 years.

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