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Free Silky Terriers Puppies For Sale

The Silky Terrier is basically a loving, friendly and obedient watchdog. They love learning new things. So they are easily trainable. Being very swift in their actions, they are useful for catching rats in any household.

They are a cross between the Australian Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier and also other breeds like the Cairn and the Skye Terrier. This is also known as the Sydney Terrier. They like it if they are treated in a matured manner and not fussed over. They tend to get very attached to their owners. They are sound sensitive. When someone speaks in a shrill voice, it makes them stop dead in their tracks. Similarly, a deep and baritone voice frightens them.

Appearance Size: The Silky Terrier weighs 4-5 kg and is 9-10” high. Colour: It has a blue coat with red or tan marks. Free Silky Terrier pups are black at birth. Coating: The Silky Terrier is single-coated, has fine hair which is shiny and feels like silk. It needs to be brushed regularly to keep it silky at all times. The hair falls on both sides of the back. Silky Terriers have straight and V-shaped ears, a black nose, round and dark eyes, small, padded feet, a docked tail and a fine bone structure.

Litter Size 3-5 puppies constitute a litter, with an average of 4 puppies.

Diet Lamb, fish, wheat, and dairy products are the ideal diet for the Silky Terrier. Horse meat and beef should be avoided.

Preferred Environment Highly energetic with enduring stamina, the Silky Terrier needs regular and rigorous exercise and play outdoors. But since they are always active, they can also be kept in an apartment.

Lifespan The average Silky Terrier lives for 12-15 years.

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