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Free Smooth Fox Terriers Puppies For Sale

From this elegant and little terrier, the Smooth Fox Terrier, have descended many breeds. It was used initially as a hunter of foxes and as a ratter. Today, it is a household companion, watchdog and showdog.

It is a cross of the Dachshunds, the English Hound, Fox Hound and the Beagle. They love children, are courageous, intelligent and lively. A bundle of energy, the Smooth Fox Terrier is very loyal and a keen hunter. They will break away and wander on their own if not properly leashed. If they are not trained well, they may bark, growl or bite, They are excellent at learning and performing new tricks.


Size: They are 14-17” high and weigh 7-9 kg. Colour: It is a classy muscular and energetic white dog with small brown or black patches. Head: The head of the Smooth Fox Terrier is narrow; the ears are folded and V-shaped and the eyes are small, dark and deep-set. The tail is either curved a little or straight. The Smooth Fox Terrier has firm well-set jaws and a thick neck.

Litter Size 3-6 free Smooth Fox Terrier puppies may be found in a litter.

Diet Beef, oats, wheat and corn should be fed to the Smooth Fox Terrier in plenty. White rice and fish should be avoided.

Preferred Environment This bundle of energy is very active both, indoors and outdoors and needs to run around in an open area. But they must not be allowed anywhere near cats or other small dogs.

Lifespan They can live upto 15 years or even more if kept in a healthy environment.

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