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Free South African Boerboel Mastiff Puppies For Sale

South African Boerboel Mastiff – Powerful Breed of South Africa

Free South African boerboel mastiff puppies are considered as the most working breed of dog in and from South Africa. The word ‘Boerboel’ is derived from the Dutch word ‘Boer’ which means farmer and thus this breed of dog is translated as farmer’s dog. The dog is like sand in color, it also has a black mask. For the male dog the variations of height is said to be about 64 – 70 centimeters. And for the female dog it is about 59 – 65 centimeters. Since these puppies are considered for home guarding purposes they definitely acquire the company of human beings. Though by nature these dogs are confident and dominant if they lack the companionship of the humans for regular periods they slowly become destructive and dangerous. But once they are with the people these dogs play a vital role of intelligence and obedience.

The boerboel is very strong in appearance. The head is defined as a wonderful character of the dog which is large but accordingly to the proportion of its body. It has a powerful neck and a strong but little short jaws that is very broad between the two ears. The tail which is normally short is not considered as the requirement of the breed. The male dogs are masculine and the females are a little bit feminine but ferocious.

The boerboels are recommended to live in a large fenced area in order to run and play under supervision. They are not the breed for the life in apartments. These dogs usually get a lot of exercise while running and playing, they may be trained for a walk also. It is very easy to groom these kinds of dogs. A bath once in a month and occasional brush will do for these dogs. The life expectancy is considered as 12 years.

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