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Free Spinoni Italiani Puppies For Sale

Spinoni Italiani- Versatile Italian Gun Dog

The Spinoni Italiani is a versatile Italian dog breed which still masters today. These dogs are usually loyal and very alert. These breeds are very ancient which are traced approximately 500 BC. These dogs are used for pointing, hunting and retrieving game. The other names for these breeds are spinone; spinoni; Italian spinoni; Italian griffon; pointer; Italian coarse haired; and Italian wire-haired pointer. The length of the body of these breeds is equal to the height. These dogs are strong boned, built solidly accompanied with a muscled body. The people who are not familiar with the breed sometimes can be confused with a German wirehaired pointer for brown and white spinone. The occipital head is unique in this breed. It has a human- like eyes which shows a great expression of intelligence and understanding. The tails of these dogs are docked at half its length. The minimum is six inches and maximum is ten inches.

These breeds have thick, rough, and slightly wavy and wire haired coats which are very close to the body. The hair is longer on the eyebrows, lips and chin. The colors of these dogs are plain white; white with orange marks; white with brown marks; brown roan with or without larger brown patches. The male spinoni consists of a height of 23.5 to 27.5 inches and a weight of 70 to 82 pounds. The female spinoni stand at 22.5 to 25.5 inches tall and weigh about 62 to 72 pounds.

The spinoni italiani‘s are serious, active and tireless dogs. They are also very good playmates for the children at home. They also enjoy the company of other household animals or even other dogs. Sometimes it becomes timid when ignored. They are very excellent for training as a hunting dog. These dogs love swimming very much. These breeds need a little grooming too. A bathe is necessary to keep it clean. A special attention of stripping of dead hair and combing and a check over ear passages is a must for the dog. Free Spinoni Italiani puppies are the best dogs for their owners.

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