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Free Staffordshire Bull Terriers Puppies For Sale

It is a semi-sized short coated breed of dogs whose lineage can be traced back to the days of bull baiting. The dog has great prowess of sinew and shows high degree of sportive ability. They have well framed occipital muscles and great canine teeth for literally tearing apart anything. Free Staffordshire bull terrier’s puppies show is available in the show rings; their ears are dropped for the purpose. They have a well patterned out chest. They can be colored in myriad ways, they can be of red, fawn, blue or any other color or may even be fused in color with white being the principal color. Black and tan dogs are not considered worthwhile for show rings.

The coat is non-course and gives the body a neat seamless appearance. The dogs are of roughly 16 inches at highest point on their backs and weigh around 30 pounds. Though they have a sound health and high immunity yet they can show tendencies towards cataract and respiratory weaknesses.

It is a dog with unsurpassable courage and holds a fever-like grip over the territory of its master. The dog can be more than handful if provoked though highly affable and full of healthy zeal towards its master. During its early days, the breed was more known and bred for sportiveness and such acumen if present raised a dog’s status quite a few notches. Contrarily today, they have become more like friendly pets that are unassuming and are sought as assistance at home.

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