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Free Standard Schnauzers Puppies For Sale

These are graceful, red-liveried medium sized dogs having height almost tantamount to the weight. The dogs have aristocratic lineage and do not shy away from the bearing. They have a wiry coat but are quite different from British terriers. They are grouped as working dogs. The dogs show great alacrity and method, sporting traits and also high degree of love and camaraderie towards its owners. The dogs reek in grandeur and thus we can see sites frequently typed with keywords Free Standard Schnauzers puppies search.

They have a coarse and wiry fur and the hair need to be kept within limits almost akin to the humans. They also have beards which gives them an erudite look among dog breeds. They have a height of nearly 20 inches at the ‘wither’ and weight proximal to 50 pounds at the most. Standard Schnauzers do not show molting or shedding of skin. The breed can be easily trained and like indulging in a lot of exercises. Hardly if ever does the dog feel weary and stressed out. Even when they are in a mode of rest, they try to constantly keep increasing their tether, trying out new activities and related facets. They love to go for a 3 mile exercise every day, and due to their adventurous nature, sometimes even walk out in the woods. They do exceedingly well when made to feel wanted. The dogs are fiercely protective of their master’s territory and property and can send out outrageous barks.

They have high physical immunity, though at later part of their lives; they look vulnerable to Glaucoma and Hip Dysplasia.

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