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Free Sussex Spaniels Puppies For Sale

If you can find free Sussex Spaniel puppies take advantage of the opportunity. Sussex Spaniels, a natural hunting and tracking dog, originated in Sussex, England in the late 1800’s. It is said that most of today’s Sussex Spaniels are natural descendants of 8 Sussex Spaniels saved during World War II. Due to this fact, the Sussex Spaniel is one of the less common types of spaniels.

The Sussex Spaniel’s general life span ranges from 12 years to 15 healthy years of age. Though they are less energetic than most other breeds of spaniels, they are quite lovable. This sweet and gentle hound is good natured and gets along well with children, cats, and most other dogs. In most cases, the Sussex Spaniel has an even keeled temperament but in some cases they do not like other animals.

The Sussex Spaniel’s natural devotion to humans makes them great companions for hunters. The Sussex Spaniel has great endurance for long expeditions and is very strong. These are very useful when hunting by land. Spaniels can be taught how to track game, flush out game, and to retrieve game for hunting purposes. The spaniel’s keen sense of smell helps with these hunting expeditions.

The lovable Sussex Spaniel has a very soft coat of golden red fur. The fur is medium length and can be both straight and with curls. Sussex Spaniels grow to be only 15 inches to 16 inches tall and weigh between 40 pounds and 45 pounds. As most spaniels have, the Sussex Spaniel has long, floppy, curly haired ears and big sweet eyes. The mild temperament, hunting companionship, and warm loving face of a Sussex Spaniel are ideal for future and current dog lovers.

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