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Free Vizsla Puppies For Sale

The origin of the breed can be traced back to Hungary, it developed with the Magyar tribes in its early evolutionary phase. It is a street smart dog which has high sporting potential. By size it is among the tiniest pointer-retriever dogs. It has a sporting lineage and fairly adept at all kinds of games and adventure.

The dog has super olfactory powers and can be pushed through any rigorous training regimes. There is a fair chance that it would pass out with flying colors. They are energetic, affable and full of etiquette but can be zealous guarders of their private space and always more than eager to combat if attacked. Like the Weirmaraner, they have a robust muscle density; they are thin and built lightly. Vizsla can be easily taken for few other species. The distinctive mark though is its red nose which is of the similar color of coat unlike in other species. Vizsla is genetically programmed to have a solid golden rust coat but various variations have also come into the picture with the furthering of the evolutionary graph.

They are temperamentally unflawed dogs and form great bondage with the master and his family; they are selfless loyalists and can go to any extent for protection of their masters. They do not bark unless provoked and do not expect rough command. Through a polite demeanor they can be trained nearly any regimen.

The dogs can live up to as much as 15 years but show traits of Dysphasia, Hip dysplasia and even hyperthyroidism. They need long-drawn exercise schedule to remain healthy. Free Vizsla Puppies search can be availed through many websites.

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