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Free Weimaraners Puppies For Sale

The Weimaraners are a multipurpose gun dog. Their development can be traced back to the royals’ requirement for hunting. Initially they were programmed for hunting big animals, with the decline of the sports; they were left to tackle smaller foxes and badgers. They are highly sportive dogs who are also fierce guarders of the master-family. Thus we find that the dog can point, it can flush and at the same time it can show great camaraderie skills as well.

The dog is highly sportive and graceful to watch. Its features are well synchronized to put a sober effect on the eye. They have their tails either curbed or docked. The coat is non-course grey and the eyes have a resplendent sheen. The coat is bluish-grey or silver gray and the skin bears a pink hue. The males weigh in the realm of 70-85 pounds and are not stoutly-built for their heights.

The dogs do not familiarize as easily with strangers unlike their hunting companions. They are considered highly intellectual dogs and can even find solutions for human problems. They are never found weary after an exercise regimen or a long walk, their body is trained to do such things, as an additive they like sports during training; the Weimaraner when left away of regular exercises feel rather isolated and pick up poor behavioral issues.

Weimaraners can even die out of gastric torsion if untreated. Surgery is a great method to counter it in the early phase. Hip Dysplasia is another issue with the breed. Free Weimaraner puppies search can be done through myriad sites floating in the web space.

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