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Free Welsh Springer Spaniels Puppies For Sale

Welsh springer spaniel, as the name suggests is a member of the Spaniel family. The dog is built in a way that its length supersedes its height at the highest point on the back. Some dogs might though be square which implies a nearly equal height and weight. Their tails are generally cut apart. This is done by squeezing the blood flow from the tail and utilizing a rubber ligature till it drops off. They have feathered ears and brown or yellow eyes. Their coat is highly mushy and gives an impression of velvet touch. The fur shields against all kinds of weather reverses.

Nature wise they show quite some gamesmanship. They show little shyness while meeting strangers first but with time it all evaporates and they become energetic friends to the master and his mates. They grasp extremely fast but at times fall short of obedience by doing selective listening. This is more the case when something else in the environment attracts their attention. It is important to keep the dog physically worked up, in absence of commanded exercises the dog finds measures to heat up the body; few of them might be malicious ones as well.

The dogs have a neat life-span of 12-14 years and show general good health. They are susceptible to hip dysplasia though and can suffer from late-age cataracts and ear maladies. Free Welsh springer spaniel puppies search can be done through many websites. The sites are stores of data for variety of such puppies available.

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