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Free West Highland Puppies For Sale

West Highland Terriers or Westies is small in size but big on fun. Like most terriers, the Westie requires about 13 hours of sleep out of the 24 hours in a day. Weighing 13 to 20 lbs the West Highland Terrier has noticeably intense deep set eyes. Small perky pointed ears are trademark features. The dog’s tail shaped like a carrot has been recommended by The Kennel Club as never to be docked. This lovely dog breed is no taller than a 12 inch ruler. Their head is huge and their chest and limbs are muscular. A Westie may be fragile looking however that is not the case as these little dogs actually have a very strong bone structure hidden beneath their scraggly outer coat and dense undercoat. The good thing about dogs with dense undercoats is that they are not prone to shedding; they can in fact have little to none at all.

Amusingly West Highland Terriers are scummy; too much washing can actually aggravate any skin conditions or yet cause it. Monthly baths is actually more ideal than daily or weekly ones. It is essential however to brush its coat daily to stimulate and spread its natural oil. Cleaning and washing the Westie’s ears with cotton balls will keep its ear from having infections and should be done weekly. They are good with school aged children, adaptable to city or country living and are effective guard dogs. Who wouldn’t want to purchase or take home free West Highland Terrier puppies now?

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