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Free West Siberian Laika Puppies For Sale

Bred by an indigenous group the West Siberian Laika was used to hunt animals whose fur proved to be valuable. Male dogs of the breed can grow higher than 20 inches whereas the females rarely go beyond 20 inches. Similar to wolves and polar type dogs, the West Siberian Laika’s fur is a double coat. White, rust and wolf gray are standard colors founds in the breed. Hues of brown are unacceptable of the breed. Compared to the other Laika breeds the West Siberian is not edgy instead, it is seemingly well collected and at ease.

Suited for pro hunters, the West Siberian Laika is an exceptional tracker that is capable of withstanding cold weather conditions. The breed is capable of specializing in a particular prey and mastering that alone. Such is the case that makes a West Siberian Laika special to pro hunters. Properly trained a West Siberian Laika is severely protective and loyal to his master and it is unlikely for one to lose track of them when out on a hunt. They are however very poor when it comes to guarding livestock or property. The West Siberian is more likely to protect their owners to the bitter end than they would protect its possessions. It is therefore an ideal pet for professional hunters who take their game seriously as they will be partnered with an animal that is more than capable of the task. Hunters should consider buying or picking up free West Siberian puppies if they wish to improve their hunt.

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