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The whippet is considered to be a member of the sighthound family. It was once used for the purpose of hunting but now it’s commonly seen in various race tracks. A lot of aero dynamicity is provided by the whippet’s apparently lean and malnourished looking frame. Their lean body makes them absolute Olympians in both the track and field sport. The whippets are usually medium sized dogs and usually weigh between 25 to 45lbs. They seem to lack in the body mass department but are never devoid of playfulness and free spirit.

This certain breed is actually free from both the color and pattern judging that usually takes place during competitions. There’s a wide variety of whippets like: black, fawn, blue and many more. They also make perfect house pets as they are well tempered and quiet in nature. Whippets are also very affectionate and thus are usually used in several senior care facilities. These breeds of canines are also pretty good with children. However the whippets will bark at strangers but they are not supposed to be guard dogs.

The whippets can live up to 12 to 15 years if fully taken care. Thanks to their playful and as well as active lifestyle whippets are healthier than other dogs and are not prone to skin infections other afflictions. They are worry free as well as low maintenance pets. With all such qualities anyone would just fall in love with a whippet.

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