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Free White Terriers Puppies For Sale

A male White Terrier can way as little as 15lbs and as much as 20lbs whereas the female White Terrier can weigh around 13 to 16lbs. noticeably a lot smaller than the males of the breed. White Terriers as the name dictates are white dogs, with 2 inch outer coat that is rough and an undercoat that is dense, the White Terrier’s coat requires constant grooming the bred is prone to several skin issues like drying and flaking hence it is not recommended to bathe the dog regularly. The use of baby products aids in keeping the dogs coat shiny, soft and free from any skin problems.

The White Terrier is a muscular dog beneath all that fur, their limbs and chest are built nicely and they have a prominently large head for their over all size. White Terriers are ideal pets for families with kids who are active and are capable of giving the dog its own space. White Terriers make good pets as they can either be a city dweller or a fun on the farm country dog. These dogs are tireless, enjoy the company of humans, they often crave attention are loyal and intelligent.

It is integral to know that the breed came from a line of active fox and critter chasing dogs. Hence it is not unusual for a White Terrier to dart out of site faster than the speed of sound in favor of a critter chase. Pick one up at a pet shop or get free White Terrier puppies if you know where to look.

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