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Free Wire Fox Terriers Puppies For Sale

The wire fox terrier is one of the many terrier breeds around. Also known as the wirehaired terrier, this terrier is at the same time similar and different to the smooth haired variety. The wire fox terrier is known for its mammoth amount for energy and intelligence. Their low tolerance for boredom makes them ideal pets for active individuals who enjoy lots of outdoor activities. The breed is known to be quick and alert, instantly investigating noises, shapes and even shadows. They reflexes and responses are quick making them ideal only for pet owners who can keep up with the active lifestyle of the breed.

Weighing between 15-21lbs, the wire fox terrier as apparent in its name has a wiry rough coat that is distinctive to its breed. Their coat colors are dominated by a white base and vary with splotches of black or brown markings on the body, the ears and the face. They are bred to be independent, capable of free thinking and are good in sports and strategic maneuvering. First bred in England as fox hunters they have docked tails that help handlers to pull them out of burrows or holes they rush into when chasing a prey. The wire fox terrier only gained popularity after comic strip character Tintin introduced his trusty and superbly smart terrier named Snowy. Free fox terrier puppies would be great, everyone would get a chance to be Tintin and have their own Snowy to help them out in tight spots.

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