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Free Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies For Sale

The wirehaired pointing griffon, pronounced as GRIFF-ON is not as peculiar as the names makes it sound like. As the name implies, this breed sports a coat that is wiry, and rough. The griffon is a medium sized dog commonly used for hunting; these dogs are sturdy and large, weighing in at 23-27 kilograms. The wirehaired pointing griffon has busy eyebrows, have square muzzles, a long head and thick busy mustaches and beards.

Like any hunting dog, their tails are docked in order to provide better grips or handles. You and your home will be kept fur free as they do not shed and instead require some stripping to allow new coat to surface. Steely gray, silver and some hint of chestnut are its coat colors.

Bred to be a hunter, the griffon is extremely skilled in doing field work, they are highly developed tracking dogs. Both energetic and intelligent the wirehaired pointing griffon excels in pointing and retrieving. Loyal and hardworking, these dogs do not stray far from their owners. They have a good sense of smell and are capable of hunting and tracking down hare and quail. The breed is not all work and no play since they make great family pets as well. The griffon is playful, devoted and affectionate especially to children, they can get nervous around stranger hence it is advised that the breed socializes and is given various mental exercises. Because of their exceptional hunting skills free wirehaired pointing griffon puppies would be any hunters dream.

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