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beautiful little black lab puppies

City / State:Abilene »USA
Posted on 2/10/2009 1:40:00 PM

These special black lab puppies were rescued after their mother could no longer care for them. These precious little puppies are playful, energetic and loving. Since the seperation of their mother, they have been nursed to good health. Each puppy will soon be ready to have their first round of shots. Will only consider to a good home who can provide proper care and can assure us they will be given the proper vaccinations and shots needed. There is a small rehoming fee of $70.00 to ensure you are serious about providing him/her with a good-loving home. Other pets and/or childern are a plus, as these are the most fun-loving sweeties and are full of love and joy. All that is needed is a good, loving home with a heart that can share this love and joy in return. We are non-profit volun

If you love dogs like us on facebook

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